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Welcome to the cocktail blog, or the CB for short. Speaking of shorts, I've been busy developing some short cocktails for my new venture The Exeter Arms.

The Exeter Arms is restaurant/bar with rooms available, located in the country side village of Easton on the Hill, a short drive from Stamford, my home town.

Going back to the cocktails, they've gone down an absolute treat so far. We're now approaching our 3rd week, and its safe to say the cocktails are a hit with the customers.

Following our ethos of being different here at The Arms, I have tried to create new cocktails (or as close to new as possible) whilst putting on my own twists of classics.

Our idea was to name the cocktails after people, starting with staff. A few of our popular cocktails so far;

Mr Davison-Clissitt - a short puncy sours, with rhubarb being the dominant flavour (see the picture attached to this blog).

Mr Smee - a complex, long banana infused whiskey cocktail, topped up with coconut water.

Mr Eldred - a twist on a classic Cosmopolitan with a kick of honey, sage and cranberry.

Following the names of these cocktails, we are moving on to our regulars names. Asking them what their favourite tipple or flavours are and designing them in their name, for you all to enjoy, you lucky ducks.

The next cocktail in the pipeline is featuring Sea Buckthorn, a shrub grown in the sea with the taste of a sour orange with expressions of mango and pineapple. This will be infused with a homemade thyme syrup.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read the is the first of many posts, stayed tuned, stay safe.

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